‌A Message From Our President

‌With increasing interconnectedness in global markets, there also comes an increase in the import and export demands of desired goods and services. Thus arises the need for firms to be able to extend their operations overseas. At Kumho Han Trading, we strive to be the intermediaries in connecting businesses, goods, and services to overseas markets. We sincerely cherish our partners and hope that we can establish and benefit from both mutual trust and understanding.

Our greatest strength is our love for diversity, as seen with the variety in our traded products and established partnerships with firms ranging from France, all the way to Vietnam. Embracing diversity is essentially what allows our firm to excel and tap into desired markets. We endeavor to further expand our international network, develop new products, and launch an e-commerce initiative in collaboration with our partners.

We look forward to doing business with you.

‌About Kumho Han Trading

‌Kumho Han Trading is a trading firm specializing in the import and export of various goods for business purposes. Affiliated with Kumho Dental Pharmaceuticals, a South Korea based manufacturing company that specializes in dental hygiene products and quasi-drugs. Kumho Han Trading has over 30 years of overseas business trading experience, which was the primary factor for its independent subsidiary status in 2019. Kumho Han Trading strives to become internationally recognized by expanding overseas business operations and tapping into desired foreign markets with the help of its cherished partners.

‌R&D Kumho Dental Pharmaceuticals

‌Kumho Dental Pharmaceutical's subsidiary research center was established in 2003, using top of the line technology and equipment. The aim for the research center was to aid in the manufacturing process of quasi-drugs and dental hygiene products under the vision of creative innovation. The research center is comprised of highly qualified research personnel ranging from the fields of medicine, pharmacology, biology, and chemistry. Kumho Dental Pharmaceuticals is Korea's leading manufacturer of oral medicine OEM/ODM and has increased investment in R&D seeking to continue the provision of quality dental products. The research center strives to nationally lead the promotion of oral health in South Korea, with their R&D of new materials and technologies.